Rimu PCB

Rimu PCB 1.08

Design and manufacture electronic PCB layouts
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Hutson Systems

Creates PCB layouts using standardized elements from various electronic categories. Supports various formats for schematic importing, as well as built-in rules for ISO standard circuits. The automatic mode(simulation) will configure the PCB to work properly to avoid damages in real life.

PCB Designer is a cost effective, easy to use electronic printed circuit board PCB layout application.
Export Gerber RS274X and Excellon NC drill.
Import ASCII netlist.
Up to 16 layer boards supported.
Rulers, Guidelines and Dimensioning lines.
Five libraries - new components and libraries can be added.
Automated ground planes, isolated copper removal.
Tracks snap to pads for easy routing.
Multiple Undo / Redo.
Import PCB Designe/Protel Autotrax/Tango PCB II files.
Add bitmaps into your design and export them to Gerber
Much more!

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